Pippettes Dispensary - Reconnecting with Nature

Having made the move to London in February I was delighted to be approached by Pippettes Dispensary to create the branding for their new range of products 'Pippettes Farm'. The moment I saw their slogan 'reconnecting with nature' I knew we'd get along. 

The Muswell Hill based dispensary sells their own brand of organic skin care, body and bath products all created with an expertise in medical herbalism.  


55, Fortis Green Road is stocked with romantically named products such as 'Dew of the Sea - Salt Body Scrub' containing Wild Rosemary, Bergamot and Jojoba and 'Woodland Nymph Body Oil' containing Lavender, Minthe and Lemongrass; all beautifully packaged with comprehensive and often folkloric descriptions of the powerful plants. I immediately fell in love with the place!

Luckily for everybody else they also sell online at pippettes.co.uk.  ( I can highly recommend the Organic Rosehip Hip Oil - it works wonders.) You can also visit the Pippettes Clinic in Muswell Hill where founder Elaine Everitt and practitioners offer massage, rolfing and nutritional therapy.

The Pippettes Farm range of products contain locally sourced, organic plants many of which have been grown biodynamically (using lunar cycles) on the Pippettes Farm. 


The brief was to create a different look to the previous branding. The emphasis was on nature and telling the story of farm to 'farmacy.'


I was super excited to see my designs in the dispensary. The Pippettes Farm Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar was the first to hit the shelves followed by a luxurious range of Biodynamic infused oil and a Marigold and Lupin Clay Face Mask.  More to come soon...

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